I was awake at 5 this morning – I love the morning air. The sun was already up and the squirrels and chipmunks were already gorging themselves on our sunflower seeds and screaming at each other from the bushes.

Jeff’s truck is broken again (3rd time this month?) so we had to get an early start so we could get him to work (which is 25 minutes south of our house) in time for me to get all the way to my job (which is 20 minutes north of our house) before 8am.

Beautiful clear sunny morning. I didn’t see any bald eagles this time, but I finally spotted their nest overlooking the St. Mary’s River! Have you ever seen a bald eagle’s nest? They are VERY LARGE. They use the same nest year after year. I know of two local nests and they are both in big old pine trees overlooking water.

I saw 2 deer in the back corner of a wetland area too. One was standing eating grass, and the other was lounging under a tree.

Now I’m at work, blogging this quick post through my coffee break. Tonight I am “on stage” at our union local meeting. I’m the chair of the nominations committee so I am running the nominations and elections for our local executive and committees for the next two year term.

Looking forward to this coming weekend – I’m heading over to PEI to visit my Grandma and my Uncle Joe.