I was so sleepy last night, after the first day back to work after a long weekend.

We were heading up to bed and Jeff reminded me about the bird feeders. They were still hanging on the pole and I didn’t feel like wandering outside to put them in my car, like I have been every other night.


I was tired.
And the raccoon hadn’t been seen for a week.
And the feeders were practically empty.

What happened?

The raccoon banged the bird feeders around, hung off the bird feeders, played a one-raccoon-band-rock number on the bird feeders, all night long.

What happened?

Monty barked at the noise. All night. Oh yeah. All night long.

What happened?

It made my husband very tired and cranky and miserable.

What is going to happen tonight?

I’ll put the bird feeders in the car.