I am off for 5 work days!!

Here is my list of things to accomplish (updated regularly):

  • cut the grass
    • Done! I’m a ball of sweat. Whew that was good exercise. Saw a mouse and the tail end of a snake as he slithered away
  • stay up late
    • Done! Artie Lange made his return to radio last night and I HAD to stay up to listen. He sounded so good and healthy and was as funny as ever. OK I admit I only made it to 1am and then had to listen to the last hour on the podcast this morning.
  • sleep in
    • Done! Well only until 8:30 a couple times, but it felt good enough
  • get a sunburn
    • I’ve been trying! No burn yet! Maybe a bit on my face, but otherwise Nothing!
  • buy some summer clothes
    • Done! I have never bought so many clothes. Now I can never tell Jeff again that I have nothing to wear!
  • start, and finish, my big independent project for the course I’m taking
  • apply for a job that caught my eye
    • Done! Well done, but not submitted yet – still reviewing
  • visit my cousin Christine in PEI
    • Done!
  • have Dad & PJ over for a night
    • Done!
  • weed at least one garden
  • find a way to make at least $50 extra for my business
  • catch up on my business accounting
    • Done!
  • get out in our boat
  • watch a chick flick
  • eat an ice cream cone
    • Done!

Check back to see how I do!


  • just watched an osprey fly over the front lawn with a big fish in his grip
  • Replacing the front brake pads and rotors on my car. Pads are worn away and rotors are all rusted.