It’s been a wet, cool spring here, and then suddenly the last couple of weeks have been BEAUTIFUL and dry!

Today we’re having a steady rain, for hours now. This is the kind of rain that makes a person (like myself) thankful that we have several movies saved on our PVR – because the satellite signal just doesn’t jive well with steady rain.

Just a little bit ago, I put on my sexy camo rubber boots and big oversized coat and went and played in the rain đŸ™‚

The rain is cutting deeper trenches on our driveway, so I was out there with the side of my boot, digging new trenches towards the side ditch. Some of the water is diverting in my new trenches, but nothing short of a grader is going to fix our driveway now!

A soggy me in the rain

The rain is so wet here in Nova Scotia. I couldn’t keep it out of my eyes! Jeff poked his head out of the door twice to encourage me to get my butt back inside, and when I finally did, after poking around the thankful-for-the-rain gardens, he checked my clothes to see if I was soaked under my coat, and had kindling and paper stacked up on standby in the fireplace.

Dad left early this morning to pick up Patti-Jo in Halifax. What a miserable, miserable day to drive to Halifax and back, especially since some of our roads get so covered in water. Guess we won’t get out in the boat tonight!

My sister Julie is on the ferry tonight, the long one, from Placentia, Newfoundland back to Nova Scotia. Tomorrow night I plan to meet up with her, and her friend Sue, and join them for a couple days in PEI!