That must mean I am back in Nova Scotia, and the temperature is heading to a refreshing 12°C tonight, and our windows will be open.

We’ve been in Southern Ontario for the last week, squirreled away in air conditioned houses, avoiding the outdoors. The temperature was close to 40 most of the days, and that wasn’t including any humidex. It was HOT HOT HOT.

My cousin Tina’s wedding was perfect, and beautiful, and she looked like a princess. The weather was HOT, and the wedding was outdoors, but there was plenty of ice cold water available and beer for after the ceremony!

Our summer trips home always seem so rushed, and I never felt like I got enough time in with everyone.

I’ll post pictures when I can. Back to work in the morning!

OH and ZEUS is alive!! I was worried he’d get sick again while we were gone, but other than being a little clingy and maybe a bit skinnier, he seems really good!

Here’s another picture of Easton, my nephew and I. What a cute kid!

Easton and I