It’s a Civic Holiday in Ontario, but here in Nova Scotia it is called ‘Natal Day’. Why? I don’t know.

FINE! I won’t be lazy, I’ll go look it up for you….

“Natal Day is a civic holiday to celebrate the “birthdays” of the Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island provinces. It is held on the first Monday of August.”

There, now we both know what Natal Day is.

It’s just after 9am. The fog is just starting to lift. A chipmunk is making a loud racket outside my office window. A flock of bluejays loudly woke me up begging for me to fill up the bird feeders. They can be so demanding!

Jeff cut down a lot of trees on the steep slope in front of our house yesterday so we can gain back our view of the lake from ground level. He did a terrific job!! It’s a never ending job, but if we keep on top of it, hopefully we’ll always be able to see a glance or two of the lake.

Hey, I think our toaster is jealous I’ve never blogged about it before. So you know what it did? It went on the fritz. Now it only toasts bread on one side. It’s very strange to have a piece of toast that is beautifully toasted on one side, and soft and regular-bread like on the other. I wasn’t sure if I should butter the hot toast side, or use that as the nice firm underside and I should put honey on the soft side. Imagine the dilemma!

I’ve been busy this weekend on working on my GIS course. I’m running out of time, and summer is getting in the way, so I really need to pick up the pace this week. I’m working on my Thematic Mapping Project and it is taking a lot of time. Probably because I’ve developed a sense of perfectionism as a mature student – a trait I don’t remember experiencing when I was an undergraduate student!