The forecast was only calling for 10-20mm of rain tonight, but WOW did we just get dumped on, hours before I thought the rain was supposed to arrive.

It poured and poured and then it poured more and then it had the audacity to pour even MORE!

There were a few nice bolts of lightning too!

I had to work late, and by the time I got home around 6:30 the basement was half covered in water. The drain in the basement walk out was blocked! Something flowed in the river that became the back stairs and blocked up the drain. I popped out the drain and let the torrent of water go elsewhere.

I just walked around our yard to survey the damage. There is a river/waterfall coming down off the hill straight behind our dining room window. Luckily all of that water is hitting our ditch and heading south. By the time I was midway across our front lawn, I could hear a thundering waterfall. I walked down our damaged driveway, and realized that noise was coming from the ditch that runs along side our driveway. Several waterfalls are tearing down the hillside and filling up the ditch. It is flowing down to the culvert under the road like Niagara Falls.

Jeff was out in the rain digging new trenches across the driveway, trying to divert the rain from slicing new trenches through our gravel, but it seems the water took its own path.

The power flickered here, but it looks like there are outages all over the province, and the roads are flooding all over.

And now it’s raining again!

I love weather 🙂