It’s raining again today.

We were out fishing on Saturday evening, and the lake is so high from last week’s rainstorm that there is no shoreline. The lake must be 2-3 feet higher than normal, so the water goes up into the trees.

It was a little more difficult to launch and load the boat, without a shoreline to bank it on, but it wasn’t too bad.

There is a rain storm heading for Nova Scotia later today. They have a heavy rain fall warning for most of the mainland. Someone is going to get up to 60mm, but they aren’t sure where it will hit yet.

We caught 3 fish on Saturday. I think Jeff said they were white bass. He caught 2, I caught 1. In fact all three looked identical, so maybe the same fish was following us around. (We tossed them all back in).

The new toaster is a keeper. I just have to get used to where not to grab it. It seems the metal part around the slots get hot 😉 The outside chrome is nice and cool though.

Monty has spent the last 4 days glued to the stove in the kitchen. Once in awhile we get those itty bitty mice – not sure if they are called mice, or a vole or a mole or a deer mouse or what. Usually the cats get ’em, but Monty swears he saw something under the stove, so maybe that is what it was. So he spent all day on Thursday while we were at work glued to the stove. He made a massive puddle of drool, and he was completely soaked from the mouth down like he was sprayed by a hose.

On Friday, Jeff put two of our wooden kitchen chairs on their side and blocked out the stove. Monty was out of luck.

Over the weekend, Monty spent a lot of time outside, or getting yelled at to get away from the stove. He puts his nose under the front and huffs and puffs, trying to sniff out whatever it is.

Yesterday Jeff put a trap behind the stove, in case there was something back there, but it is empty.

The odd thing is since there is a trap there, Monty hasn’t been as interested.