When your loved one is going to soon die, it is hard to say ‘no’. But this time, I think I have to.

Zeus is a miracle cat now, way outliving the vet’s expectations.

And the couple times he was feeling lousy, I took him outside on a leash.

Then I started taking him outside on a leash on sunny days so he could soak up some vitamin D and feel good.

But now I’ve created a monster.

He tries to get outside when we open the door.

It is sunny now so I just took him for a walk around the yard.

Lisa and Zeus out for a walk

Now he is at the back door, LOUDLY meowing every second to go back outside.

Jeff just asked from the other room, “Lisa, what have you done?”

We thought about just letting him out in Monty’s fenced yard on his own. But he could easily escape through under the porch.

I started thinking that he is going to die soon anyway, so why not give him his freedom?

Until Jeff read a post on his hunting board last night about a person watching a bald eagle take off with a cat.

I would love his last moments to be a little bit less terrifying.

There is no way Sally is ever going outside. She has a long life to live, and she once was a wild outdoor cat. I don’t think her instincts are too far below the surface, so she can safely live inside, and can soak up the sun through the screen in the open windows and patio door.

Here’s Zeus meowing: