We ran our wood supply low so we could get gravel spread in our muddy wood shed earlier this year. Then we stacked our last couple of cords in the wood shed from last year.

We decided to buy 3 loads this year. There are roughly 2 cords in a load. It is hopefully more than we need, but who wants to run out of wood in the winter with a driveway like ours?

We purchased from our neighbour again this year. His wood supply is great – lots of yellow birch that burns real nice.

This guy gives a nice mix of whole logs to split logs. Last year about 1/4 of our wood was too long for the stove, which was a bit of a pain in the ass (easy to stack though!) so we made sure to let him know our length limit (and we have a big stove!)

This year the prices are up $20 a load to $350 each – cut and split.

That’s gotta be cheaper than a winter’s worth of oil or natural gas!

Here is the first load arriving:

Anyone planning a visit to Nova Scotia in the next couple of weeks? 🙂 It’s wood stacking time!