Yep. I found a good way to get out of stacking wood today.

After eating breakfast, I went back into the living room. Somehow, with no one moving any furniture, I slammed my right big toe into the wooden leg of the chair and I couldn’t stop tumbling until my face hit the back of the couch and I bit into a pillow.

I lay there moaning and drooling all over the pillow for a minute, trying to get the nerve up to try to move my big toe.

I wiggled it a bit and it didn’t feel totally broken, but I didn’t want to look.

Then I felt something weird on my foot.

Don’t panic, it was just Zeus licking the bottom of my foot.

So I got up and looked at my toe.

I had bent back my big toe nail about 1/2 an inch into the nail bed, spitting the nail down lengthwise in 2 places.

Good one.

No blood though.

So my toe hurts. I’ve trimmed the mangled toe nail down as far as I can, but it still has two splits in it that are going to catch on something I am sure.

Luckily it is sandal season and I don’t have to fit this toe into a sock or shoe. I am so afraid Jeff or Monty is going to step on it.

I can walk almost normally but it feels like someone is squeezing my toe constantly.

Jeff stacked at least a cord on his own in the hot sun. Hopefully I can find a way to get a boot on to help him tomorrow.

And maybe a steel-toe boot would be best.