There is just no reason for people to be losing files anymore!!


But, you HAVE to back up your files somewhere secure that IS NOT IN THE SAME BUILDING AS YOUR COMPUTER!!

(am I shouting? yeah, a little…)

What if you had a fire? Or a flood? Or a robbery? Or a tornado or hurricane?

I back up all my files to an external hard drive that sits on top of my computer. This is great if my hard drive fails, so I can quickly retrieve files to a replacement drive, but NOT if something worse happens!

For several years now, I have used Carbonite. For just $59/year (in US $$), I can back up my entire computer using their service. Unlimited data! As long as it is on a hard drive in your machine (it won’t work with externals), it will back it up. (You can also toggle the status of any file or directory on your computer, if there are files you don’t want backed up.)

I’m currently backing up 142,125 files (169.69 GB).

I couldn’t be HAPPIER with Carbonite. It runs behind the scenes, backing up all new and changed files over your internet connection. You need a highspeed connection (satellite worked, but wasn’t ideal). It works great even on our wireless Seaside Communications service.

Your files are encrypted, and safe. If your computer dies, you can bulk retrieve ALL of your files to rebuild your computer. If you just need one directory, or one file, you can select just the ones you need to restore.

It also has a web and mobile interface so if you were away from home, and you really need a file on your computer, you can logon through the Carbonite website, and access that file from your up-to-date backup from Carbonite!

Are you about to buy a new computer but don’t know how to move your files from your old computer to the new one? With Carbonite, you can set it up on your new computer and restore your files! EASY CHEESY!

And it works on PCs and on MACs.

Too cheap? You think the worse can’t happen??? You should know by know that IF it is possible, it has likely happened to me.

I’ve had a few hard drives quit on me. At work this summer, we’ve had hard drives fail, power supplies fail, and even had a computer catch FIRE which destroyed all the data on its hard drives.

Why are you running the risk of losing all your documents and photos?

Carbonite offers a 15 day FREE TRIAL, so what do you have to lose?? BACK UP YOUR FILES! (sorry, shouting again)