Tropical Storm Katia is churnin’ and burnin’ away in the Atlantic.

So far, the models and theories range from it spinning into sea and not hitting land, to hitting the east coast of the USA as a Category FIVE, and another possibility of it turning enough to miss the East Coast of the USA but could hit Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.

The last analysis video I watched on AccuWeather said if it stays below a category 3, the weather pattern over the US will push it out into the Atlantic and it won’t impact land. If it is stronger than a category 3, then it will do what it wants and it won’t be affected by any weather trough pushing eastwards, meaning it will go further west and probably impact the US. Lots of factors to weigh for the analysis of this storm, so we will just have to wait.

And if it is a dud, well there is another one spinning up behind it 🙂

Stay tuned!