I just tried a new recipe for 100% whole wheat bread.

This one is a real winner! It’s almost as light as store-bought bread, but it is 100% whole wheat (the whole wheat bread in the store often isn’t).

Usually the whole grain breads I’ve made are thick and brick-like, but this one is a winner!

(Mind you, it only came out of the oven 15 minutes ago, but we’ve each already had a slice and it won our approval!).

Here is the link to the recipe I used:


For the raw sugar, I used Turbinado sugar.

Here they are:




One was smaller than the other so I guess I should do a better job choppin’ the dough ball in half next time.

Speaking of choppin’, Jeff cut down a bunch more alders over to the left of the following picture, and took down 3 big spruce out front. This spring the trees on the steep slope were cutting out our view completely, but Jeff’s been working away at it, and the view is getting better and better! The trick is to keep just enough to keep some privacy when all the boats are out on the lake in the summer, but enough so we can see the sparkle of the lake.

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