Here is what is going on in my world:

  • Survivor started last night. I drew John Cochran in our workplace pool. I’m already a big fan of Cochran. He’s a character! Here’s hoping he goes all the way!!
  • Big Brother finished last night. It’s the show I love to hate. I swear I won’t watch it, and then get dialed right in when nothing else is on in the summer. Once again, 3 duds made it to the final and I couldn’t care less which one took home the million. I can only hope that next year I’ll do better and stay away from this show.
  • Jeff is away for 10 days. I miss him so much when he’s gone. And he better be missing me. haha. Truthfully, I think it does us good to have a few times a year apart since 99% of the rest of the year it is just the two of us.
  • The washing machine is blinking a communications error code and won’t work. I waited for the repairman’s call all last evening to schedule’s today’s service call, and the call never came as promised, so I went to work this morning.
  • One of our toilets is out of commission until my handsome husband comes home and repairs it. One by one each one of them has needed their guts repaired. I think they may all be original to the house, so they’re over 20 years. Maybe that is the lifespan of the rubber flapper inside a toilet.
  • I made a double batch of that Zesty Mexican Soup last night. I am so crazy about this soup. It filled the pot though almost to the top, so I was scrambling for another pot. Our larger stock pot was used outside on the propane burner for canning, and I didn’t want to get the black residue on our white glass stovetop, so I put the soup in our large wok pot to finish. It worked!
  • I bought my ticket to the Canadian Tire NASCAR race for Saturday!! I’m so sad I have to go alone, but I need to go and cheer on Milverton’s boy Scott Steckly. I’ll bring my camera and give you a play by play afterwards! (revisit last year’s race)
  • Tropical Storm Maria is passing Nova Scotia tomorrow. The air has been really humid and sticky for a couple days. Another weather system will be meeting it and between the effects of both, we should get a decent amount of rain and wind tomorrow. The temperature is forecast to drop to 13 tomorrow during the day. Saturday’s weather is forecast to be 16 and sunny for the race!
  • Poor Sally has had the runs for the first time I can remember. I’ve had to bathe her back side three times now. She had cat litter clumped into her fur. What a mess (I switched her back to the newspaper pellet litter until she’s better). (And you don’t even want to know about the skid marks she put on our carpets trying to clean herself. Thank goodness we have a carpet cleaner.) She’s been hiding and really aloof, but this morning she seems like her chipper little self again. But with all that long hair – it’s matted now on the back of her back legs. I might have to trim it off rather than tormenting her for a prolonged grooming session.