I’ve been finding my glasses to be a real annoyance lately. Almost like they aren’t working anymore.

I figured it was my eyes. It must be because they are so strained and tired from looking at at computer screen all day and all evening. Especially this month as I head towards my final exam for this Advance GIS course I’m taking.

I took a close look at my glasses recently and noticed there is a weird pattern of waves all over the glass.

So I’ve washed them and shined them up. But it wouldn’t go away. And once in awhile my view of the monitor is blurry!! I was thinking my prescription had drastically changed, but if I move my head just a bit, it clears up!

So I stopped at the eye doctor’s and I showed the assistant my glasses. I went for the pricey Essilor Crizal coating when I got these glasses a few years ago. The lady asked if I ever left my glasses somewhere really hot. She said that it is very rare, but she has heard of the coating melting on the lenses in extreme heat!! If they were new she could probably have them replaced, but I plan on ordered a new pair at my annual appointment next month anyway because they are already a prescription behind my contacts.

At the time, I couldn’t think of a time that I overheated them, but then I remembered that the last time I was in PEI visiting Mom, that I had left my glasses in my suitcase in the back of the car in the sun while I was wearing my contacts. I remember going into my suitcase that night and finding it wild just how hot everything was from baking in the sun. I bet that is when it happened.

So let this be a lesson. A lesson to me: if there is a slim chance of something happening, it will happen to me. And a lesson for you: keep your glasses out of the oven.