We’ve spent 48 hours trying everything to convince this washing machine to start.

I even gave it a massage.

No luck.

It’s a Kenore Elite HE5t purchased in May 2009. It’s great – when it was working – but it has a problem in one of 3 circuit boards. It errors out with an F70 or F71 error code. These codes mean “Communications Error”. Basically – ha ha, we got ya – we can’t tell you want is wrong, and it doesn’t seem to be mechanical, but you aren’t doing laundry today.

I called up the repair man who said it could be one of 3 circuit boards. He said I should go through Sears repair hotline so maybe if we try replacing them one at a time, maybe they’ll take back the ones that don’t solve the problem. I picked his brain again about these new fancy machines. He said people are so fed up that they’re hunting around for old reliable washing machines and dumping these fancy dancy ones.