After weeks(?) of renovating, we are back in our bedroom tonight!

Of course nothing goes smoothly or else I’d have nothing to blog about.

I put all our sheets and pillow cases and our new duvet cover in the washing machine. And, you guessed it, the washing machine won’t turn on. But it did on one try, enough to get them all wet. Grumble grumble. I guess the ‘fix’ I found with the high inside humidity was nothing but a coincidence?

I love high tech, expensive electronics. They make our lives so much easier.

Luckily I just found a brand new set of sheets in the back of the linen closet. Never washed, still in their packaging, but they don’t stink so we’re using them tonight.

We’re so nervous of Monty’s nails on this new laminate floor. I can’t scratch the floor with my fingernail, as hard as I tried, so hopefully it won’t soon be destroyed like the hardwood downstairs. We’re debating a couple mats for beside the bed but if we do, they will need to be easily washed or cleaned because dog hair is so yesterday.

I am going to miss camping out on the mattress on the floor in the little bedroom. It really was like camping. I slept under the window and could look up and see the stars in the sky. But tonight Monty shouldn’t be walking all over us.