Laundromat excitement, and THREE storm warnings again! Woo Hoo!

OOOOH what a day!! We had a fun family outing to the Super Suds laundromat this afternoon! Just me, Jeff, and two stuffed baskets of all our highest priority dirty clothes! Woo hoo!

You saw right through that false excitement, didn’t you?

Argh, laundromats are hideous. Bad wallpaper, people staring – yet avoiding, ripped upholstery, broken laundry machines, and out of order coin exchanges.

Through trial and error, we managed to get laundry soap out of a machine that first ate handfuls of quarters, and then move our laundry twice until we found machines that actually worked. 26 minutes later we were out of there, with two heavy baskets of very wet clothes.

At least our dryer works!

Now for the real excitement! For tomorrow, we have a Wind Warning, a Storm Surge Warning, AND a Rainfall Warning!





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