Just before 10am here and we’re getting rain mixed with ice pellets.
100km/hr winds on the way for later today.

My view at 9:57am

I’m thinking we need to cut our lawn again before winter. Look at that tall messy grass!

Update. 11:50am
Jeff noticed the top run of our eavestroph is clogged up so the water is pouring over the edge. It just had to be the top run, eh? The one that is too high to reach with the ladder? Speaking of which, Jeff found a company that will install a heat cable across the back of that roof where we had that bad ice damn last year, but they want to charge us at least $600 and they want an electrician to install an outlet under the eaves. Ouch. Living in a two-storey house has extra costs when you can’t easily get to your roof.

Update. 1:43pm
Just got a fire started to warm it up a bit in here. It’s a really cold rain and the wind is from the north. The power flicked once. There is flooding in Peggy’s Cove and on the Halifax waterfront.

Update: 6:53pm
Crazy windy here. Power outages all over the province.

Update: 11:03pm
Kept our power! Some good brownouts, but not enough to interrupt Sunday’s Amazing Race or The Walking Dead. It sounds like the wind is dying down now. Now the snow is supposed to start by morning I think.

Next morning:
11,888 customers of Nova Scotia Power are still without power this morning, and we ARE NOT one of them! Woo hoo! We weathered another storm. The rivers are high and swollen this morning. It is +3 this morning and snowing a bit in town. Won’t be long until the studded tires have to go on!