Here is my fall line up.

  • Amazing Race – I’m voting for Marcus & Amani. Anyone else notice how the host Phil Keoghan says “next clue” weird this year? Like the words are run together and rushed with a pause before them? Maybe its just his accent, but I annoyingly repeat him every time he says it.
  • The Walking Dead – Love this show. Reminds me of my favourite childhood book, Stephen King’s The Stand, except with Zombies. This season is moving quite slowly, but I’m hanging in. Definitely recommend PVR’ing it because the commercials are lengthy. Is there anything better than watching a zombie get their brains bashed in?
  • Hell on Wheels – New show – set in the American west, right after the civil war. The scene is the end of the track as they build the railway towards the Pacific Ocean. The show is full of darkness, mud, history, trains, horses, crime, death, drinking, and dirty clothes. Love it. This show is also on AMC, right after The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. PVR it and skip the torturous commercials.
  • How I Met Your Mother – this season has really been lagging, but the cliffhanger at the end of last night’s show got me!
  • 2 Broke Girls – My favourite new sitcom in years. Love this one! Two broke girls living in the city. One was a spoiled rich girl’s daughter, until he went to jail for running a Ponzi scheme, and the other comes from a poor working family. The two girls team up to work towards their goal of running a cupcake business. Every week they try to make more money to save for their business. The best part is the rich girl’s horse is living on their patio.
  • 2 and a Half Men – I was getting very tired of the repetitive Charlie Sheen storylines. I’m really enjoying the reset of the show with Ashton Kutcher, even if I am not a big fan of Ashton’s. I think the show was headed for a quite death with Charlie Sheen. Now it has new life.
  • Survivor – Will I ever give up on Survivor? Only if Jeff Probst does. I love the show. I love that Jeff Probst tweets throughout the show. But I don’t like Redemption Island. I find the coverage of it really takes away from all the footage of camplife, and the dynamics of the castaways. When you’re gone, please be gone. And that includes you Ozzy. Get off my screen you egomaniac. I have Cochran in our Survivor work pool this year. Go Cochran!!
  • Gold Rush Alaska – The boys are off to a rough start this season, but I’m sticking in to see if they can at least break even this year on their hunt for gold. Ironically, they are chasing their American Dream in the Yukon this time after they lost their lease on their Alaskan glory hole.

Those are my must see’s. Other shows I’ll watch if they are on:
Storage Wars, Ice Road Truckers.. what else am I forgetting… Days of our Lives

Any one else notice the jokes on sitcoms this year took a giant leap into the filth pile? I mean I’m no prude – I listen to Howard Stern every day, and I love the humour, but some of these network sitcoms need an 18+ rating. If these shows were on when I was a kid, Mom would have sent us to bed after the 6pm news!