Is that how you spell doozie?

The coming storm may be easy dismissed by some, but I could strongly smell the pulp mill last night near Pictou for hours. That means there is WILD weather coming.

Now up to 35cm of snow forecast.

Antigonish County
4:09 AM AST Wednesday 23 November 2011
Snowfall warning for
Antigonish County continued

Snowfall amounts of up to 35 cm are expected today and tonight.

A low pressure system south of the Great Lakes will track eastward today reaching the south shore of Nova Scotia this evening then Southeastern Newfoundland Thursday. Precipitation associated with this system is expected to spread across the mainland this morning and Cape Breton this afternoon.

A cold airmass over the region will result in precipitation falling mainly as snow over inland areas however rain is expected along coastal areas due to relatively warm water temperatures. Snowfall amounts of 15 to 30 centimetres are expected for inland areas with the highest amounts in the Annapolis Valley where amounts may reach 35 cm. Rainfall amounts of up to 40 millimetres are forecast along the Atlantic coast. The precipitation will taper off tonight over western portions of the province and Thursday morning over Cape Breton.

Very strong northeasterly winds gusting to 80 km/h will develop along the eastern shore and Southern Cape Breton tonight. Higher than normal water levels and rough and pounding surf are forecast for exposed areas of the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and Southern Cape Breton. Water levels will peak Thursday morning and Thursday evening.

I suspect it will be much worse in the highlands of town, and we’ll have less snow at home, but we’ll see.

Off to drop off my car this morning to get my winter tires on. Just in the nick of time!
Jeff hasn’t put the plow on the ATV yet – he didn’t want to jinx it either I think!

Schools are cancelled all around the far end of the province. The snow will hit there first. >8″ of snow reported in Vermont.

Update 9:07am
The radar looks like… impending doom! Here it comes!
Peggy’s Cove is covered in snow already.
Numerous accident reports already.
No snow here yet.

Update 10:42am
All public schools in this school board are sending the buses home at noon. (not me) No snow here yet.

Update: 11:50am
Snowing at home! (according to my webcam). Nothing in town yet. Lunch time!

Update: 12:41pm
First snowflakes in town! Webcam shows driveway at home is already snow covered.

Update: 1:56pm
Accumulating quickly!
View from my office window: