Metal DetectorI ask, I receive!!

Jeff got me such a great present, my jaw dropped and I couldn’t close it for awhile.

But I didn’t want to drool on my present, so I had to bring up my dragging chin so I can assemble it.



We both had the day off, so we impatiently watched the 19 minute instructional video, and then we headed into the woods to find some treasure!

Our property was a farmer’s field once, and there is an old foundation up in the woods behind our house, so we knew we’d find some really awesome treasure!

So far we’ve found:

  • crushed beer can
  • crushed and rusted tin can
  • pieces of beautiful old dishes with a pink floral pattern (not metallic, but dug up on the way to treasure)
  • piece of wire
  • some more wire

So we can’t retire yet.

But I’m pretty sure we’re aren’t far from buried treasure!! Hopefully the ground doesn’t freeze any time soon or else our treasure hunting days will have to wait until spring!

The metal detector has a great electronic display that indicates if it found iron, foil, a pull tab, penny, nickle, dime, or silver 1/2 cent or dollar coins. You can turn off any of the items or use the preset jewelry or coin settings. There is also a sensitivity scale that can be turned up or down. The great thing is it also says if the item is 2 inches down, 4, 6, or over 8.

I’ve been reading on the web about tips and techniques, and great finds people have made. Sounds like we really need to put in 100+ hours to really to know our machine, the different indicator noises, and to really polish our technique.