Beautiful morning today. It was -13°C when we got up. Neither of us heard the 6am alarm, so if it went off, Jeff shut it off in his sleep.

I was dreaming about how angry I was that I rescued 1,000 Japanese from some lake after their cute Fisher Price blue boat was wave running and flipped upside down. Jeff was too busy sitting on a rock for some reason and didn’t want to get wet. They put in the paper that some man rescued them and never mentioned me. Sheesh. No appreciation. It isn’t easy saving 1,000 people from drowning. I should be a hero.

Well then the floods came and Jeff’s truck and his red old rental truck were totally submerged in the river so I guess it is finally time to buy a new truck. Jeff was trying to get his trucks out of the water to dry out in the meantime. First he had to get them turned back over because they were on their sides, tied together.

I never found out if Jeff bought a new truck, because I had to get up and go make the fire while Jeff went out to plow. We don’t have that much snow but the driveway requires a good run without four wheel drive and we’re expecting a courier delivery today.

Jeff said it was the coldest morning for plowing. He wishes he had heated handle bars on the quad because even with his winter gloves his hands were cold.

Looks like it’ll be a quiet couple of days at work. Parking lots are almost empty. Most of the staff is taking early holidays. Thursday is my last day and we don’t have to return until January 4th. Woo hoo!!!

Here’s my view this morning from my office window:

My View this Morning