We tried to take advantage of the non-frozen state of the world today by shoveling gravel into our ATV trailer and dumping it on the huge ruts the rain is carving into our driveway.

But we were only three loads in, and barely sweaty, when the tire on the wagon broke. The stem broke right off the tube so I guess that finishes that.

We got so much rain over night again the ground is completely saturated, the water has filled the drain of our sink downstairs, and I spotted 2-3 inches of daffodil growth from the first daffodils that bloom in the spring.

Where did you go bluejays?

Brian and family got us this really cool bird feeder. It is a spring/slinky like metal that wraps around a circle wire and hangs on a post. Then you fill the stretched out spring/slinky thing with whole peanuts in the shell.

Here is what the blue jays are supposed to do:

[This YouTube video no longer exists]

We always seem to have blue jays, and they are the first bird to discover I’ve filled the feeder, but they’ve been missing in action since I put the peanuts out there. I hope the peanuts don’t rot in the rain.