Awwww, the perfect Saturday morning.

It is after 10am and my hair is still standing straight up. I can only guess that Jeff woke up in the dark hours but I slept right through.

I was stumbling through a old mechanic’s shop carrying empty pop cans with my sister Julie trying to get to the ocean, and hoping Dad that was somewhere behind us talking to a guy of the last shop we snuck through would find our same short cut and catch up with us.

But by 9:45am I figured I should leave the ocean and wake up and shake off the dreams.

First thing I did was stumble outside and fill up the bird feeders.

We’ve been having bird parties every morning. Sometimes 30+ evening grosbeaks fly in! That bird species always seems to travel in packs.

Still no blue jay has showed up to tackle the new whole peanut feeder.

Last night when I got home from work there were two really large grouse in a tree behind the house. They were walking along the branches, eating something. Branch ends? Buds? There were on the hardwood trees. I tried to take photos of them, but it was getting dark and I couldn’t hold the camera still enough. Sometimes I think I should be keeping the tripod out of the box and ready to go.

Jeff can’t be found, but neither can his truck, so I’m assuming he went to town early to find a new tire for the ATV wagon. It is going up to +5 today so he’ll likely be itchin’ to get more gravel into the ruts in the driveway.

We also need to get another cord of wood in the basement to do it’s last drying before burning. Jeff is going to be in Ontario for a week later this month, so he wants to be extra sure I can survive on my own, and have plenty of wood to burn and keep warm.

OH! The first birds have arrived to the bird party. Let me take a photo for you.


bird party

bird party

bird party

Oh and here is the least out of focus photo of one of the grouse in the tree last night:

Jeff is back. He had no luck getting a new tube for the tire for the ATV wagon trailer, so he will have to order the one from Princess Auto for $5, although it will also have a $5 shipping charge. And he might as well order two since the other one has been repaired too.