Yesterday I had to get my car’s windshield replaced.

I didn’t notice the crack until this weekend when I was sitting in the passenger seat, but a big long ugly crack appeared behind my rearview mirror. Looks like I probably took a big rock to the window. I swear I get hit with a rock a month on our highway, but I didn’t see the chip hiding behind the mirror to get it sealed on time.

Anyway, I dropped it off at Apple Auto Glass yesterday and they kindly drove me to work. And I rode in style in the van that scoots around with panes of glass on the side. I might have to double-check my bucket list, but I could swear that was meant to be on my list. Hey, I’m easily amused.

After work was over for the day, I walked back over to pick up my car.

It felt good to get out for a nice walk, until I split my legs like a wishbone the month after Thanksgiving, on a patch of ice outside their shop. I managed to tweak both ankles, a thigh, and my neck. I probably should have just fallen, but this girl has pride and I had to stick the landing.

Anyway, I paid up for the service and headed for home.

What stunning service. Not only did I have a sparkling new window, they vacuumed my car!! This was kind of embarrassing, because my car was becoming a bit of a biohazard with rocks and salt and food bits and dog hair all over the floor.

They even cleaned the dust off the front dash.

But I don’t think they were supposed to leave their nice shiny metal measuring tape and can of glass cleaner in my car.

This could have gone either way. On one hand, bonus! new measuring tape and I used to use that canned foamy glass cleaner when I worked for Hydro in T. Bay. Kicks Windex ass. Best stuff ever. I could use a can of that stuff. On the other hand, my conscience. I can’t keep something that isn’t rightfully mind. Oh the guilt! It was obviously an oversight and I’d hate to be that guy who was without a measuring tape, stuck eyeballing his measurements on the next windshield replacement.

So today at lunch I drove over to the shop and gave the manager at the front desk the tape and glass cleaner.

He immediately scowled. I was expecting a sweet thank-you and I’d be on my way. But instead he said how could this have happened? How can they say they did their checklist and inspection and not notice those were still in your car. Was your car vacuumed? I thanked him so much for the vacuum and said it was a nice treat. He was apologetic and said thanks, but then verified what vehicle from yesterday’s workboard was mine and headed into the shop.

Uh oh.

I hope my conscience didn’t get someone fired.

I hightailed it out of there, avoiding the slippery ice patch of pain in the parking lot, and headed back to work, wondering if I had done the right thing.