WanderlustI went to see Wanderlust at the theatre yesterday.

Jeff strongly opted out, so I went to New Glasgow and did a little clothes shopping before the movie.

As always, I made sure I got to the theatre super early so I could snag my favourite seat. Unfortunately there was another couple in the back row middle, so I took the left flank a few seats down.

For a 4pm Saturday show, I expected more people. I am not sure we made the double digits. I think I was the youngest. None of them laughed at anything, and one of them even asked a staff member to adjust the fan and heat levels before the flick.

Anyway, what did I think of the movie?

I like Judd Apatow movies. Wanderlust didn’t disappoint. It came complete with nudity (mostly male for once, although Jennifer Aniston does have a topless scene, although it was fuzzed out), drug use (even ayawaska), sex, crazy hippies, and to top it off – a “Babba Booey, Howard Stern” shout-out.

I wouldn’t say you have to run out and see it though. It is definitely a good movie for a DVD rental, or waiting for the Movie Channel airing on a rainy day.

The storyline was one-dimensional and predicable, but some of the scenes will stick with me for awhile (including the fly in the apartment, and the “I can fly” moment).

There were also several pop-culture references in this movie that could zip right over your head. Like a reenactment of that reporter who falls out of the grape stomper (see original). I caught a few of them, but I am not a Ray Liotta fan, so I don’t understand at all why he was in the last minute of the movie and what it was referencing.

I give it a 6/10.