Sorry alarm clock, woodstove, sink, tap, dishes, car, ice, wipers, wet pants, socks, shirt, keys, shampoo and every other inanimate object that I growled and grumbled at this morning.

But I was running late.

And the alarm clock came on too quiet so it didn’t wake me up right away, and the shampoo wouldn’t wash out of my hair fast enough, and the fire wouldn’t stay going, oh and today is pink shirt day, and I couldn’t find a pink shirt, and then I found one, and then I tripled my pink with pink underwear and a pair of pink/black/white striped socks (thanks Julie), and then the sink was taking too long to fill with water to put the pork roast in to thaw, and the tap wasn’t big enough to pump out more water, and the dishes were in the way because I didn’t wash them last night, and the car was at the bottom of the driveway because we got a lot of snow yesterday, and the car was ice covered and had to be chiseled, and walking through the snow down to the road got my pants soaked, and my keys were stuck in my pocket on my mittens, oh and then I locked myself out of my running car (but thankfully just the driver’s door was locked), and then I was stuck behind some person in a line of 10+ cars driving 40-50 km/hr all the way to town, when they KNEW I was going to be late…

And I’m sorry to the birds and the squirrels who will go hungry today because the bird seed is in my car and the car didn’t make it to the house. Please don’t starve and die. I’ll fill up your feeders this afternoon.

And I’m sorry Jeff that you are coming home from a work trip to a snow filled driveway and a messy kitchen.

It’s just so hard to go to bed early when I have the TV all to myself and I can watch girly shows.


P.S. Something Borrowed is a great movie.