We had freezing rain over night and a bit of snow/ice pellets.

It reminded me of living in Sault Ste. Marie where we often had to chisel out our windshields after the work day and how lucky I was to have a garage.

So Jeff’s new truck is all registered, insured, and now has its 2 year safety sticker. It is such a nice truck. Every bell and whistle you could hope for. Except coming when you whistle.

His old truck has sparked a few emails and phone calls but no sale yet. We were sure it would sell easily because it has 1.5 years left on its safety, but then Jeff found out the government here requires the safety to be valid within 30 days of a sale. Of course they do. Of course. This province has both hands in our pockets at all times. There may be an as-is/where-is option Jeff is exploring. It might not take much to safety, but why does he want to go to the expense when the truck is already likely to sell for so little?

A possible 5-10 cm of snow coming tonight and possibly again tomorrow.

I don’t mind it one bit. Winter is so sparse here – so easy. We don’t have to be in such a big hurry for spring. Although Jeff would really like to be on the lake fishing at the beginning of April like we were a couple years ago.