It’s a gorgeous, sunny, warm day in March.

Yet two members of the animal kingdom tried to end their lives today at the hand of my winter studded tires.

The first one was Mr. Porcupine. He waddled out on to the road in front of me. I told him it was not his day to go, so he better get the hell off the road, and I was willing to sit there and block traffic until he did so.

He complied.

I hope he didn’t try that again with the next car.

A few minutes later it was Mrs. Red Squirrel.

I know life must be a bitch when you have to fill your cheeks all day with stolen sunflower seeds for your forever begging little baby squirrels, but today is not your day either. Think of your young Mrs. Squirrel. Choose life.

And after second guessing herself and running back and forth, she chose to live.

You’re welcome animal kingdom.

Now soak up that sunshine!