Fire is taking forEVer to get started tonight. Probably because the fire was dead out and I had to bring in the wood from outside.

This time of the year we always back off storing much wood in the basement so we aren’t stuck with any wood in here to mold away during the summer.

So what is new? I smashed the top of my tibia into the corner of the coffee table an hour ago. I was pretty sure for a few moments that it was going to be fatal. It was touch and go but I muscled through it.

Monty had a good 30 minutes of fetching at the park tonight before it started getting dark. Hopefully he’ll sleep soundly tonight and not wake us up. He’s getting the bored-dog-lickey-licks at night. He needs more activity in his life so we’re both stepping up our efforts to keep him busy so he stops obsessively licking his front legs. Winger and Surf did that from time to time too. Really hard to stop them once it’s a habit.

Now what is the chance this fire will stay going if I walk away now? I’ll turn it right down and see if it has any staying power.

Fight fire. Fight! I am tired, I want to go to bed, and my tibia bone is moaning. I can’t actually hear it, but I feel it.

Damn you fire. Fine. Here is more air.

So what else is new? The federal budget was released today. Hopefully none of the proposed federal employee job cuts hit our house.

Whoa whoa there fire. Why such rage? You are cut off. Less air for you!

There, how is that now? Good to go?

Good. I am satisfied.

Burn on fire buddy. Burn on.

G’nite. Lisa out.