Jeff was sick all week and I thought I was in the clear. I might have even boasted about my strong immune system once or twice.

That all was over this morning when I woke up with a dried out mouth, throat, nose. On the first day of my three-day long weekend.

I was in denial for a couple hours and even took Zeus for a walk around the yard. But then it won. I spent the rest on the day moaning on the couch.

Now it is night. 11:26pm. I can’t sleep. I am whiny. Cranky. Miserable. I am sleeping in the guest room so I don’t keep Jeff up all night.

I can’t breathe through my nose. And my lips are too dry from breathing. Guess my breathe is dry. I just choked on my saliva and had a choking fit. I drank a swimming pool of fluids today to stop this thing in its tracks but it didn’t work and now as soon as I am comfy I have to pee.

Jeff is so strong. I can’t believe he survived this miserableness this week. And he hardly whined. Not me. I want a hug every two seconds. I want cuddling. I want my entire body to be hot or cold, not just parts of it.

My head is pounding. My teeth hurt. My face is hot but I am shivering.

Jeff asked what I would like for a funeral before he went to bed. Just something small and quiet I said.