Worst cold ever. Day 4.

My upper teeth and gums hurt so badly I was up at 2:45am today flossing with some delusional idea that would relieve the pressure.

Jeff asked the pharmacist today what I should do. I am allergic to Tylenol which is in most sinus things. She got Jeff to buy me a NasaFlo Neti Pot that flushes out the nasal cavities with a saline solution. If that doesn’t work, and since I have tried the Advil cold and sinus, she said I need to see a Dr.and I never do that.

So the water has been boiled. Now it has to cool until it is lukewarm. Then I stick this little blue plastic kettle nozzle up one nostril and it is supposed to flow out of the other nostril.

This has been 4 incredibly miserable days. I had to miss work today. I don’t like doing do that, especially with all the great projects I am working on now.


Did I mention the power is out? Makes the time really fly by. Not. If only my eyes felt up to reading.

Ok going to put the kettle up my nose before it gets too dark.

Ta ta for now.