I’ve been flushing my nose and sinuses using a neti pot for the last few days. It is so easy.

I’m researching it and people are tossing away their sinus medications and allergy medications and are just flushing out their nose with this saline water.

This is what it looks like:

You CAN NOT use ordinary tap water. It has to be distilled or previously boiled. Why? Because there is a possibility of a parasite in tap water that can cause meningitis. Wikipedia says 3 people have died doing this.

I boil it in the kettle and let it cool until it is lukewarm. The little neti pot takes 8oz of the water, and then I add the saline powder and shake it around.

After I pour half through one nostril, I sniff in a bunch of times to loosen up my sinuses and then I gentle blow everything out. Then I repeat with the other nostril.

Some people say they never have to blow their nose all day every day because of allergies. I’m sticking with this because my nose has been running my entire life. I always have pockets stuffed with kleenex.

As for a sickness update, this is day #6, and my third missed day of work. I’m really sweaty. I keep showering but I’m stinky, so something is being flushed out. My sinuses are still full and my teeth and gums still hurt and my throat hurts and my face is flushed and I’m gross and icky. But I’m thinking I’m turning a corner, so hopefully I can return to work tomorrow.