It is a damp, cool Monday morning.  Jeff is at work. Monty is on the deck stalking squirrels.  Sally and Zeus are sleeping.  I’m sitting at my desk plotting my world domination, or something like that.

Here are some brief updates:


Work progresses on the deck.  Jeff spent probably 24 hours trying to get holes drilled for bolts but neither his cordless or corded hammer drill was up for the job of drilling through a  6×6 block.   His cordless impact drill did the best job, but I’m sure it took a dozen battery charges.

Next step is to put the joists in place.


I have had my own small business, a sole proprietorship, since 2000.  This summer I decided to incorporate, so I’m folding my old business and working on setting up the new one.

I incorporated federally and it was ridiculously easy. I was able to do it all online. Then I had to file an extra-provincial registration in Nova Scotia. That needed to be signed by a government worker in town, just to witness my signature, and now that is sent away.

So now I’m a CEO.  Or a Director.  Or perhaps the Managing Director.  And President. And Secretary.  I’m even the primary stockholder 😉


Jeff seems irritated that my sleep patterns are all messed up.  This past week I’ve need a nap to get through the day – at least 2 hours of unconciousness.

I feel like I had more energy the week before last.  I don’t know how I’m going to get through the work day next week when I go back to work – or how I’ll safely drive home after work.  Everything seems to be healing well, I guess it is just tiring to heal?

It’s a different kind of tired. When I need a nap, I NEED a nap.  And I’m extra cranky until I nap.  Yet I fight it so hard because I don’t want to nap and I don’t want to miss anything and I don’t want to waste time sleeping. But I get so tired I hallucinate.  My mind turns things into other things.  Socks stretched between Jeff’s hands were a fish.  The electric cord on the floor was a snake.  My brain at times is just too tired to process it otherwise.


raccoonRaccoons were fighting in the woods just behind the house the other night.  At least Jeff thinks it was raccoons.  It was awful sounding! I thought it must have been a raccoon getting torn apart by a coyote, but I could hear one of them walk away through the woods and then come back and they would fight more.


I could sit and watch the Olympics all day, but that wouldn’t be very productive, so I’ll save it for short bursts. I did watch it most of the weekend.

Unfortunately I’m easily annoyed.

Almost all the Olympic anchors are easier to watch when they are muted.  And I was being tortured by tennis overkill, until I started flipping from CTV to TSN.  I understand they might not have commentators for every sport, but I’d rather just watch a live feed of some sports without the commentator and graphics, rather than watching foreigners play tennis for hours on end. It felt like filler.  Once I started flipping channels I was happier.


Why do I keep paying over $30 for haircuts I hate? I can’t even tell I got my hair cut this time. I told her to cut it short, a nice summer cut, chop it to the ears, but it is still a big shaggy, frizzy, curly, wild mess.  It must be a conspiracy.  I think I’m being forced to attempt to cut it myself. Who wants to watch?


We had our first green beans with dinner last night!  So big and delicious.  We’ve decided we’re not going to grow tomatoes and peppers in the garden next year. The ones we’ve put in the big pots are easily 3 times as big as the plants in the garden. I think the pots just absorb the heat better and are able to use the water.  The garden we’ve build up over the last few years, but it is still sitting on hard rock clay under that.

Green beans and cucumbers are the only thing doing good in the ground so far.  Cucumbers aren’t far off – there are a bunch growing now!

Needs to smell better

It smells yucky in the house. I think the damp east coast air pulls the stink out of everything. Maybe I should make some bread. That’ll make it smell better in here.