So what do I do when I’m learning about something new?

I research it like mad and start a new website to share that information with others.

I have a long history with this coping strategy.  That is how Canadian Goldens was created back in 1999.  I knew nothing about dogs and suddenly had a 4 year old Golden Retriever.  I needed one central place to gather information, ask for advice, and lend my support. I quickly found myself in charge of a popular message board where Canadian Golden Retriever owners gather to share their experiences and turn to others for advice.

When Winger was diagnosed with mast cell cancer, I knew I had to put his experience online and gather information about Mast Cell Cancer for others to find and help. I even shared the photos of the large incision he had on his head after he had a surgery to remove a mast cell tumor, and shared the timeline from his first symptoms until his last breath.

I did it again when Surf died and blastomycosis was the suspected cause.  I built the Blastomycosis website and it’s message forum is used regularly by people and pet owners who are facing a new diagnosis of blastomycosis and don’t know where to turn.

That is why ForestTalk exists too.  I found a niche I was fascinated by, so I decided to share the things I learned with others.

I thought for a few weeks on whether I was going to build a site about uterine fibroids.  I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to think about uteruses or fibroids, or why I have this long abdominal scar.

But I caved.

There is just no great website that has all the information about fibroids in one place.

So I’m building it.

Introducing Fibroid Talk – Let’s Talk about our Uterine Fibroids

Between naps this week, I’ve been busy setting it up, configuring it, making it look nice… And now I’m neck deep in research so I can add some solid informative articles before the people come.

And it is changing my life.

Today I’ve learned all about estrogen, the liver, and all the extra estrogen our bodies are bombarded with, and how increasing estrogen levels promote the growth of uterine fibroids.

I studied how to regulate estrogen levels, how to treat my liver right (where estrogen is metabolized), and learned that practically everything on the list of foods to avoid in order to balance estrogen levels are food items that I consume regularly.

Could making this new website be a life saver?

We’ll see.

Until then I’ll keep researching and building this site.  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be ready to release it to the world and attract visitors and potential message board members. I hope it will be as helpful to others as my other website communities have been.

Feel free to take a sneak peak.