Hurricane Leslie will be passing us by over the next 36 hours.

We have a heavy rain fall warning and are supposed to get >100mm by tomorrow morning with flash flooding possibilities.

I am supposed to stay in town until dark to attend a union meeting, but I am not keen driving home in the dark in flash flood conditions, so I may be a no-show.

Last week when we had the heavy rain fall warning it filled the wheel barrow 3/4 full with rain!  It has been so dry here this summer, that it really didn’t have a big impact. And the whole province is so close to the ocean, the water quickly runs off to the ocean.

It is forecast to only reach a high of 16 today, but it feels really humid to me.  It’s pretty windy, but nothing hurricane or tropical storm like. Environment Canada is forecasting wind of only 60 km/hr here.

Good luck with Leslie Newfoundland!