It is 4:30am. I knew something was up when I woke up and couldn’t see. The power was out! No yard light outside lighting up around the edge of the curtain. No alarm clock glow. No red light on the tv. Power is out.

Monty is whining. It isn’t tropical storm windy, but it is windy enough to howl at the bedroom window.

I try to sleep, but I am such a sucker for storms, I found me headlamp on my dresser and got up.

Looks like our area is the only one in the province without power. (love having Internet on my phone to find these things out).

Now what.

All the meteorologists are busy on twitter watching Hurricane Leslie on its path towards Newfoundland already at this early hour.

I am sleepy. Maybe I will snooze on the couch for a bit. Wonder what the chance is of a power restoration before we go to work. I might have to shower at work.