We were driving by a take out burger place on the TransCanada highway today and Jeff said again how good he heard it was. It was only 11am. It was about to pour rain. But I said, carpe diem, let’s go. Jeff turned around and we were the grill’s first customers of the day.

And the verdict is…. excellent cheeseburger!

Another highlight of my day – Jeff picked our carrots today. First time we’ve grown carrots. And they weren’t very big. But they tasted great! We grew these from seed in a pot outside.

homegrown carrots

Jeff made pickles today.  He decided to make long slices, for burgers and sandwiches.  I’m not a big pickle fan, but I might try these!  Here he is putting the jars into the boiling water to seal.  The big propane stand works great so we don’t have to have that big pot at a rolling boil on our smooth top stove for a long time. Plus it was really damp and humid today and who wants that extra steam inside the house.

Jeff making pickles

And here is one more highlight.  That this spider was outside and not inside.