In the back of my mind, I know that anyone who lives in the country on a well is going to eventually have well problems.

We have a drilled well with delicious spring water. We are so lucky.

But today in the shower the pressure started going away. Soon there wasn’t enough water to come out of all of the shower head holes.  I panicked and frantically started washing my hair and trying to get all the rest of me quickly soaped up and rinsed off all at the same time.

The well pump usually kicks in every 5 minutes or so during a shower and you can feel a kick of pressure when the pressurized water tank in the basement fills up.

When this happened during my shower, I got my pressure back, but it was quickly gone again.

Jeff investigated and cleaned the sediment filter and checked for leaks and checked the pressure of the tank.  It all looks good, although there are 3 visible rusting spots on the pressure tank.

The pump for the well is submersed in the well so we can’t check it out.

I did a bit of googling, first to the prices of new tanks and pumps. They aren’t too bad. But we don’t know what, if anything, is wrong.  I can’t imagine the well ran dry. Although we had toilets running lately that has made me panic that we were doing to blow up the well.

I learned that most water pressure tanks have a rubber bladder inside and the life of that bladder is only 5-7 years.

Uh-oh. We’ve lived here for 5.

Jeff took a shower to test it out.  It seemed fine at first, and then it started dying off to nothing.

Jeff is going to make a call to his local electrician friend tomorrow to see if he has a plumber friend.

Now I’m kinda nervous to do laundry or flush much. Or run the dishwasher.

Our water tank (right) in 2007, before we moved in, and when it was rust free.