I’ve been whining a lot lately about needing new shoes. And by lately, I mean for the last 2 years.

I really did not want to go all the way to Halifax, so Jeff’s desire to visit a gun show and an outdoors store in Truro suited me fine.  Truro has more stores than Antigonish.

rainy drive to Truro

It was a rainy drive to and from Truro, but being the co-pilot, I didn’t mind. I get to stare at Jeff, and practice winking without looking at my winking eye (impossible with my right eye), check my email, and switch Jeff’s radio away from his NFL station to Howard Stern whenever the chance arises.

I waited patiently in the truck while Jeff went to the gun show. Besides there is plenty of fantastically terrific people watching to be done at a gun show.

I lucked out and found TWO pairs of shoes at Payless Shoes. It was a BOGOHP sale (buy one, get one half price).  Both pairs I found were men’s shoes.  The women’s shoes all have sparkles or heels or tassels or other girly ridiculousness.  I said to the girl working the store that I have way better luck in their men’s aisle. She said her sister just told her the same thing when she was in there buying men’s shoes.  I got 2 casual shoes, slip ons, one brown swede pair, and a black leather pair, that will be perfect for work. Good comfortable soles for standing at my desk and walking around campus to help people with their websites:

new shoes

Honest, I’m more of a Doc Marten kind of girl, but we all know what happened to those.

We couldn’t pass up the chance to stop at the Bulk Barn because we don’t have one.  $80 later I think I’m all set for the homemade granola recipe I wanted to try (maybe bulk doesn’t equal cheap). (Bonus: If you spend enough money at the Bulk Barn, you get a free reusable shopping bag. Works well for carrying $80 of granola ingredients and dried cranberries and nuts and  jujubes for Christmas baking.) (By the way, you’ve had gummy worms before, right? The Bulk Barn has gummy RATTLE SNAKES! They are so big!!) (No I didn’t buy any.) (I did buy a few chocolate covered jujubes though so I wouldn’t eat the Christmas baking ones.)

We had a great filling lunch at the Chow Family Chinese restaurant and stopped at Giant Tiger too. I love Giant Tiger. Wish there was a closer one.  I burnt my lips and tongue desperately bad on my first bite of my beef and broccoli at lunch.  And I got lunch on my sweatshirt.  And when I tucked a napkin not so discretely in my shirt to stop my boobs from soaking up my beef and broccoli sauce, I still managed to spill a fork full of fried rice inside my shirt.  Jeff says I’m a treasure.