With Dad’s help and after a chat with a plumber, we’re a bit closer to diagnosing our water woes.  Our first discovery was that the pressure gauge is frozen at 30 psi so we can’t tell at what pressure the well pump is kicking in.

I picked up a new gauge yesterday and Jeff installed it.  Now we know the well pump is kicking in at 26 psi and shutting off at 50 psi.  The plumber said it is supposed to kick in at 30 psi.  If that is the only problem, 4 psi too low is really making for an awful shower this week when the pressure goes down. There isn’t enough water to wash the soap off. Maybe 26 psi isn’t enough pressure to pump the water up 2 stories.

The next step is cleaning out a clean up near the pressure valve to see if that will do it. And then I guess we find out how to reset it back to 30 psi.

So hopefully there is no major repair or parts to replace.

And in other news….

Did you hear the U.S. weather satellite that tracks hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean is broken?

That satellite cost $500 million when it was launched in 2006. It wasn’t used regularly for weather monitoring until 2010.  On Friday engineers shut it down because of vibrations and are still working on diagnosing the problem.  I guess they can’t just send out a technician to a fix it up, eh?

Meteorologists are using a spare satellite and using a European satellite for their Atlantic coast forecasts.  They said there may be a slight decrease in the accuracy of weather forecasts and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are checking to see if this is going to affect hurricane forecasting.