The best part of my day today was watching meteorologists twitter about each weather model as they were released, looking at the potential for a historic storm to hit the eastern coast of the USA.

Newly formed Tropical Storm Sandy could play a role in this historic event. Although the chances are being dismissed as just too unprobable, because it has never happened before, they are discussing the odd chance of a hurricane hitting the coast, bringing tremendous coastal flooding (because of the full moon and higher than normal tides), possibilities of devastating inches of rain, with snow inland!

Not just any old storm. THE STORM OF A CENTURY!


….or Sandy could just swing out to sea.

The last time a hurricane formed where Tropical Depression Sandy is located, it was 1878 and more than 71 people were killed on the eastern seaboard of the US (the Gale of ’78).

Read what the meteorologists are saying.

If you are a Twitter-ite, follow #Sandy

It is still 7 days out so it could turn out to be absolutely nothing.

OR IT COULD BE THE END OF TIMES… or something like that.

Regardless of where it goes next, it is going to rain hard in Jamaica and Cuba.