Whenever we have a mouse in the house, it is usually turns out to be just one of those little shrews. They look like mice but are smaller with long snouts and are pretty easy for Jeff to catch.

A few days ago the cats seemed rejuvenated! We figured something was up. And it was strange our little calico Sally was on top of the dining room table!

Jeff had a tray of his pickle jars he made this fall sitting on the table. In between the jars there was a MOUSE! How long was he sitting there watching us? We chased him off the table and the cats and the dog chased him around until he hid back under the stove.

Then the nightly fun began. It is hard to sleep when 3 pets are running around the house, having more fun than a laser light pen could ever provide. Especially for Jeff who was nursing an injured foot, sleeping on the couch.

I felt sorry for the little mouse, until I saw mouse poop ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER!

That’s it, SET A TRAP JEFF! NOW!

And we got him.

And I set his soul free (and deemed his body for the compost).

But Sally kept looking under the fridge.

Time to set up that trapline Jeff.

Jeff set the trap again beside the stove last night, but then he found all the pets in the laundry room before bed, and there was ANOTHER MOUSE!

Jeff tried to catch him in his hands, but he was too quick. He locked the pets out of the room and set another trap in the middle of the floor.

This morning our trapline had claimed two more lives. Again I set their souls free. One poor fellow still had his teeth on the chuck of cheese, so I let it go into the compost with his body. May you have plenty of free cheese in heaven little buddy.

Jeff set a trap again this evening and it wasn’t too long before SNAP!!!!

ANOTHER ONE! A 4th MOUSE! How are these buggers getting in?

I went and verified, and there was another death.

Then we debated… Let him stiffen up a little? Or set his soul on its way now? Was it Jeff turn to collect the body? Or mine again?

Two minutes later there was a bang bang at the mouse trap. THE MOUSE WAS GONE! Resuscitated by another? A miracle? A mouse zombie with a crushed skull? Where did he go?

Judging by the pool of drool in front of the oven, Monty is pretty sure he is still under there.

Stay tuned…..

Wednesday morning Update!

Another sweet mouse has met his demise this morning. Count is now 5 minus the possible zombie mouse.

Thursday morning Update!

Another rodent citizen is dead and gone. Why was there no sign of these guys? How are they getting in?

Friday morning Update!

Another hit on the trap line! That makes 7 minus the missing zombie mouse!

Friday afternoon Update!

Another one bites the dust! What is going on? Is this just the same mouse coming back to life over and over and over again?  I obviously feed the cats too much good food.