You may have heard me whine about our water woes over the last few weeks.

Unlike plumbers elsewhere, the plumbers in Nova Scotia don’t want our money. Instead, every time Jeff calls, they teach him how to do the next troubleshooting step on his own without a service call.

The problem is our water pressure is suddenly awful.  You can’t flush a toilet and run a tap for a glass of water at the same time.  My toilet takes about 5 minutes to fill with water.  My shower head that I like on the hard pulsing setting with 9 holes, at times has only enough water to come out of 2 of the holes.  It is like showering in the rain, trying to get the soap and shampoo off.

Jeff replaced the gauge that was not functional so he could use the gauge to sure the well was kicking in at the right pressure.  He took apart the pressure switch and cleaned it out and reset the pressure switch’s high and lows.

All of that did nothing to fix the problem. So then Jeff moved on to the water tank and checked the pressure, did all the troubleshooting to verify the balloon in the tank wasn’t ruptured and it was pressuring okay and holding its pressure.  No problems.

After the well fills up the tank, the water goes through a sediment filter before it goes to the rest of the house.  Next the plumber had Jeff check that the pipes were clogged with sediment. Jeff had to take all kinds of pipes apart last night and clean them out.

Still nothing.

But then he tried the system without the filter.  BAM! Full water pressure!!

Jeff changes the filters regularly, and changed it last on the day we lost pressure.  Something about this last filter blocked the sediment and the most of the water flow too it seems.

I bought a couple new filters yesterday. Jeff popped a new one in and we’re back in business!  I am soap and shampoo residue free today.


Thanks Jeff! You’re my hero!