While my friends and family get snowed on in Ontario, we have +12°C today.

Rain is supposed to be coming, so I planted more spring bulbs today while the weather was still nice. Then I dumped all our container gardens into our real garden so I could put the pots in the shed for the winter.  We had written off our carrots as a lost cause, but we shouldn’t have because there were some okay sized mini carrots in the pots.  Next year we’ll have to thin them out and be more patient.

I did a bit of weeding in the flower gardens and Jeff helped me put away more summer stuff into the shed.

Jeff starting putting up some of our Christmas lights today. We won’t turn them on until December, but it sure beats freezing your fingers off putting them up when it is cold.

There is some sort of snow fly in the air today. It looks like white ash blowing in the breeze, but they are small flies, woolly aphids maybe. I don’t remember ever seeing them before. We still have some mosquitos and blackflies too.

I just had sushi for lunch. I was raised with a sheltered palate as a farmer’s daughter and have never yearned for such a thing, but I had heard our grocery store had a sushi guy now who made it fresh.

I asked him what I should try because there were so many kinds.  He picked out a couple choices for me.

Not bad.  I’m not sure I would eat this very often.  Only one had raw salmon. Both had imitation crab.  Lots of other stuff in them, rolled up and covered with rice (I think that is what that was.) I wasn’t brave enough to touch the spicy green wasabi paste.