Two mice incidents this weekend. Jeff’s trap line has been reestablished so our Christmas guests won’t have any surprises.

The problem is the mice are cute and kinda tame. Must be from playing with the cats. Maybe this isn’t a problem.

I caught one on Saturday with my bare hands. Can you believe it? My bare hands on a beer pitcher that is. Sally and Monty were watching him all day in my office. Finally I got tired of them staring into a pile of stuff (junk) and got the flashlight and went hunting.

He was just sitting there hanging out. Cute bugger. Almost looked like a gerbil. I didn’t know what to do or where this bravery came from. So I covered him with the plastic beer pitcher I use to top up the aquarium and then still didn’t know what to do. So I called Jeff to come and intervene.

Guessing that my bravery was bound to end, I got Jeff cardboard to slide under the pitcher and then I made him wait to flip it over until I was on my desk chair. Just in case it was rabid and darted for my legs. You know. Safety first.

Jeff took the pitcher outside and tossed him out onto the lawn.

Then yesterday Jeff saw this in the BBQ.


Cute eh? We played with him for awhile and left him in there. Maybe he’ll clean the grill.

Just so you know I’m not crazy, the next time I find a mouse turd in the house I won’t be so “ahh they are cute”.