Way overdue for a blog update.
Here’s a quickie:

  • I have freezing cold hands right now – I need to be a more committed to heating the house. A 2-3pm stoking of the fire in the afternoon would be perfect, but delaying it to 6pm like I did tonight doesn’t really make it toasty in here
  • All presents, but ONE, are purchased.  Everything being mailed to Ontario is on its way.  Everything in the house I have is already wrapped and under the tree.  The stockings are already stuffed.
  • Yes, tree is up and all decorated early this year
  • House is mostly decorated
  • Didn’t mail a single Christmas card.  Are Christmas cards extinct now? What about those annual Christmas letters sent summarizing your year? Seem kinda pointless in the age of blogs and Facebook
  • Because I work solo, I tend to listen to a lot of talk radio shows all day, especially ones with a close knit circle of friends and fans – like a family.  (eg. Howard Stern, Bubba the Love Sponge, Shannon Burke Show, Dangerous Conversations, Derek and Romaine, anything else on RadioIO or Sirius)  A guy who worked on a couple of them died a couple weeks back.  Strange how attached listeners can get to a person they’ve never met. He was only in his 40’s but had so many health problems. They thought it was a funny bit when they sent an intern to his house thinking he overslept, but he had passed away.  They found on while they were live on the air.  Emotional stuff.  Interesting following touched fans who chipped in for his funeral and even traveled to Florida for his memorial service. He’ll definitely be missed by many.
  • Bonus day next week! My workplace will have a power outage for a day, so we get a day off! Nothing better than that!
  • Freezer is full – turkey, bit of baking, big container of local honey, lots of butter, and blueberries, other odds and ends.  I feel like I never see the bottom half of the freezer so who knows what we’ve got saved in there. I’m sure Jeff knows, he has more tolerance for icy hands than I do.
  • I’ve been so tired lately. Must be the short days.  I feel like I need a couple extra hours a night.  So I should probably be in bed rather than blogging, but I know my fans are dying for an update.
  • Monty is behind me chewing/gnawing on a big ol’ rawhide roll.  Jeff bought out the Bulk Barn in Sydney today. They have really great rawhides, good price, even better than the Costco ones we used to get.  Usually takes a couple nights for Monty to get through one of these ones.
  • Jeff said I keep asking about specific things to find out if he is getting them for me for Christmas or if I can get them myself or tell someone else to get them. He is frustrated with my questions but I swear I’m not doing it on purpose, I hate to know what I’m getting ahead of time! I wonder what he got me that I’ve asked about.
  • Haven’t seen Zeus since I fired up the wood stove at 6pm.  He is probably a melted ball of grey fur stretched out in front. He sure loves heat.
  • Every day Sally seems slightly more tame than wild.  I hope she doesn’t hide the entire time Mom & Julie are here. I don’t think she will, but we’ll see if she lets them pet her.
  • The lake isn’t frozen so the car is all frosted up thick in the morning. Hasn’t been too many icy days yet, and we even had snow for a day, but we are forecast to be milder, but with more storms for the first bit of the winter.
  • OK I’m a big ball of yawns.  Good night.