Highlights of my birthday weekend:

Stacking Wood: It’s no secret that I’m shockingly out shape, so I look forward to stacking wood because it is awesome exercise.  Wood stacking was delayed for months this year. I was out of commission this summer after surgery, and Jeff has had awful foot problems this fall.  Finally conditions aligned yesterday and the ground was frozen enough so drive the ATV across the back yard so we started stacking.

We have 2 piles, 2 cords in each to get from the driveway over to the wood shed.  This wood is mostly for next year, but depending on how the rest of the winter goes, we may have to dip into it in a few months.

How this works… Jeff and I stand on either side of the wagon behind the ATV and we pick wood up out of the pile that was dumped there by a wood supplier guy, and we stack it up in the wagon.  When it is full and the small little rubber tires are bulging, Jeff drives it across the back yard and backs it up into the wood shed.

Then we take the wood and stack it up in the wood shed on top of wooden pallets.

It was cold and snowing, but a few winter clothes and there were no complains. Didn’t even drop a single piece on my toe. Although the wood was mostly frozen, and lots of it was stuck together. That made it a little trickier.

We did 9 loads over a few hours getting one of the 2 piles almost eliminated but then the ATV made us quit.

Something electrical seems to be wrong with the ATV and now it won’t reverse without cough and banging and backfiring and stalling. Jeff has an appointment for it tomorrow so it will need to be repaired.

Hopefully we have another semi-mild day or two so we can get the rest stacked.

Movie and Dinner:  After the wood stacking was cancelled for the rest of the afternoon, and it is my birthday weekend, we decided to go see a movie and go out for dinner in New Glasgow. It was snowing badly, but I tried to ignore it and Jeff couldn’t care less if it was stormy, so off we went.

We saw The Hobbit.  Jeff is a huge fan of the books. I am not. I tried to read the Hobbit a few times as a kid but I could never get into it.  But I knew he wouldn’t want to see any other movie, and I’ll watch almost anything.  So $40 later (movie tickets and popcorn and a pop big enough to do a back stroke in) we were watching The Hobbit. The theatre wasn’t even half full.  So either the snow kept everyone away, or they were all waiting for the 3D version that was starting 30 minutes later.

The movie was good. Beautiful scenery and interesting characters.  I’m glad I knew ahead of time though that it wasn’t going to end.  It was only part of 3 I think. They are all filmed, but I’m sure they’ll release them once a year just to soak every penny they can out of the series.

Jeff found it really blurry.  I did think a few times that it would have looked better on our TV. There is a lot of computer animated characters and scenery in it to, so that might have played a factor.

Dinner was a bit of a disappointment.  We’ve been waiting for weeks to hit Swiss Chalet for their festive special that I love, but the parking lot was full and the line was back to the door.  We decided to hit the Wendy’s drive-thru next door instead and headed back in the snow for home.  Wendy’s really isn’t very good.  Poor Dave Thomas would be so ashamed of his legacy.

Flowers: Both Mom and Jeff got me flowers for my birthday. I’m a huge fan of flowers and vegetation 🙂

Birthday Gift: Jeff got me something for my birthday that I’ve been looking for for a long time. It is the Harrowsmith Cookbook that is long out of printing, and is hoarded like gold. Seriously. You should see some of the prices this big thick book is listed for in online bookstores. Somehow Jeff found one.  And now I will cook and bake 🙂 Or just read the wonderful recipes. Time will tell. I love it!

Brunch: Jeff was out of coffee cream this morning so we had to go to town so he could have coffee.  Instead of having breakfast, we decided to grocery shop first so we could have lunch out instead.  What a great time to grocery shop! Hardly anyone is getting groceries on Sunday morning!

After shopping it was still shy of 11am, so we went to the Prissy Pig.  Jeff had a farmer’s breakfast and I went for lunch and had a chicken wrap and garden salad.

Then I spent a couple hours on the phone and on Facetime getting birthday greetings from my family. I love Facetime.  My little nephew is so cute with his bare legs, munching on a pickle, wishing me a happy birthday.  And my niece always has so much to show me!

Then there is Facebook. The only day of the year that everyone wishes you well.  Love it!

Football: And now it is Sunday afternoon. This is the time of the week Jeff waits for all week.  His Broncos are playing, and we get it in HD, and he is so so so excited.  And that makes it all the much sadder that he is currently passed out on the couch, like a cat in the sun, and he is sleeping right through his Bronco’s game.